Josh Steimle

Josh Steimle is an author, entrepreneur, and speaker. He’s the author of over 300+ articles in publications like Fortune, Time, Forbes, Fast Company, and Mashable, as well the books The 7 Systems of Influence, 60 Days to LinkedIn Mastery, and Chief Marketing Officers at Work. Josh has been featured on national and international TV and radio, and interviewed on more than 100 podcasts. Josh is a TEDx speaker and keynotes events worldwide. He is the founder of MWI, a global marketing agency. Josh is a voracious reader and loves researching psychology, hope, and influence. He’s an active skateboarder, Dinosaur Jr. fan, and lives on a horse farm in the Boston area with his 3 children, 22 horses, and 2 goats.

Corey Blake

Corey Blake is the CEO and managing partner of MWI, an international digital marketing agency with offices in the US and Asia. He is a husband, father to 4, and passionate entrepreneur that finds his greatest joy in building up and supporting those around him. Corey is fascinated by people, who they are at their core and what it is that motivates them and gives them hope daily in their lives. Growing up in a military family and living all over the world sparked this fascination for people, cultures, and their motivations, which led him to study International Culture Studies with emphasis in Communications and Anthropology in college. He also has his own consulting agency, Corey Blake Consulting (clever name, right?), where he works with companies in building out their marketing and sales strategies for growth.

Oh yeah, and he loves podcasting.


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